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July, 10



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Pathways Level 2 award: Margarita Berseneva

Already second award by Pathways program was reached in our club: Margarita Berseneva got her Level 2. Congratulations and keep it up!



ALB award designation: Maxim Luchinin!

We are happy to announce that Maxim Luchinin has reached his ALB!




Two charming ACS's in Toastbusters!

Inspiration is smth. we all need to be effective, creative & successful.

  • When you see a brilliant speaker on the stage, you get inspired!
  • When you hear a constructive evaluation on the stage, you get inspired!!
  • When you witness a deserved Toastmaster, earning the Advanced award, you get three times inspired!!!

And this is what we all experienced at the previous meeting of Toastbusters club, when Valeria Kholodkova and Nina Tsygankova were awarded with the Advanced Communicator Silver awards under a round of applause and warm smiles of all the guests! :)


The Advanced award requires much more efforts & patience in comparison with the first-level one. But it does not at all mean that it is smth unachievable, just the opposite! Moving further & further, a Toastmaster hones one's skills, becomes an example to follow for his peers, develops the community itself. And that's what Valeria and Nina successfully did throughout their ways to this award!

Valeria is one the most devoted members of Moscow Toastmasters, one of the founders of Toastbusters club, numerous times' officer, current Moscow Area director, one of the organizers of multiple in- and out-club events.. the list is really endless :) Nina is a not less experienced speaker, winner of dozens of contests, both humorous and international, master of tall tales and simply a respectable member of the club. Dear ladies, your award is beyond doubt deserved and commendable and the honour of our club!


Moscow Toastbusters is very proud to congratulate Valeria and Nina on their ACS award designations and wishes the girls newer achivements, because true Toastmasters, as they really are, never give up! :)


Thunderous hurrah to these honourable Toastbusters members' achievements from all Moscow Toastmasters community!

Two charming ACSs in Toastbusters!