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August 21



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If you plan to visit our club for the first time, simply send an email to vpm@toastbusters.ru with the subject "Newcomer: request for additional info".


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The 19th of June the New Executive Commitee 2019-2020 Elections has passed

Welcome the new Officer Committee!

President: Irina Suvorova

VPE: Margarita Berseneva

VPM: Adil Tashenov

VPPR: Anna Ilina

Secretary: Ermek Togtogulov

Cameraman: Alexander Scherbakov






Speech Contest on the 12-th of March 2014!

Dear Toastmasters and guests! 

Congratulations to the WINNERS and all the participants of the SPEECH CONTEST that was held at Toastbusters on March 12-th!


Thank you all for coming, taking part and enjoying an evening of exciting speeches!


Eight great speakers competed for the 1-st place: 

1. Maxim Luchinin

2. Nina Tsygankova, ACB

3. Alina Akhmetzyanova

4. Dmitry Smirnov

5. Sergey Konakov

6. Irena Braylovskaya 

7. Maxim Kononov

8. Alex Kozhura


Meet the winners!


Speech contest in March 2014