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  September, 19


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September, 27 19:15

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September, 25

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Pathways Level 1 award: Margarita Berseneva

First award by Pathways program was reached in our club: Margarita Berseneva got her Level 1. Congratulations and keep it up!



ALB award designation: Maxim Luchinin!

We are happy to announce that Maxim Luchinin has reached his ALB!




PRESIDENT Distinguished Club 2015-2016!


The sensationally important piece of news - for the first time in the history of Toastbusters club we managed to achieve 8 goals out of 10 in the Distinguished Club Program/Club Success Plan!!! And that means, that this time we'll receive the PRESIDENT Distinguished Club Award in the Toastmasters year 2015-2016!!!

Below you can see the list of achieved goals: many perspective & professional members of our club contributed to this list this year, the Executive committee team did a great job trying their best to lead the club to success, our Moscow TM community created strong support and environment for development, thanks to all these factors we are witnesing such fantastic results!


Our club had two Select Distinguished and one Distinguished awards, and this time this is the highest one - the President award. Let it serve as a minimum goal to achieve for the next year ;)


Congratulations to all pro-active members and friends of the Toastbusters who was with us throughout this year! Never stop your own development and we'll grow a healthy community with strong & professional speakers & leaders all together!


PRESIDENT Distinguished Club 2015-2016!