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August 21



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If you plan to visit our club for the first time, simply send an email to vpm@toastbusters.ru with the subject "Newcomer: request for additional info".


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The 19th of June the New Executive Commitee 2019-2020 Elections has passed

Welcome the new Officer Committee!

President: Irina Suvorova

VPE: Margarita Berseneva

VPM: Adil Tashenov

VPPR: Anna Ilina

Secretary: Ermek Togtogulov

Cameraman: Alexander Scherbakov






Qualification Humorous Speech Contest in Toastbusters club!


Dear Toastmasters,

The meeting on November 11-th was magically fantastic & Toastmasterly humorous & really special, so let us share with you some of these moments & emotions, which we felt so lately :)

That day became one more historical day for Toastbusters due to the Qualification Humorous Speech Contest successfully held! It was a tense "public speaking-humour fight" among 5 members of our club, and it is worthy of note that ONLY MEN took part in the contest.. a strange coincidence, isn't it? :)

Ladies & gentlemen, to the applause, please welcome:

1 place: Max Silin, CC, ALB
2 place: Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB
3 place: Alexey Kravtsun, CC
Audience choice: Max Silin, CC, ALB


Here they are, our winners:

For more photos see our Facebook page here :) 


Guys, accept our warmest congratulations! The honour of Toastbusters club at the Area level is heavily guarded by our men! :)

Humorous Speech Contest